Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Starting From Dysfunction

I finally did it.

Six months of hard kettlebell training and I finally injured myself.

I had a twinge last week of tendonitis in my right hand warning me that maybe I was training too hard but, of course, I ignored it and did a big volume workout the very next day.

And tweaked my left shoulder.

Particularly I tweaked my rotator cuff.

So I am taking two weeks off of kettlebell training to assess my movement and to recover.  I just read an article urging recreational athletes to take more time off so it seemed like a good time.

I had been reading about the FMS recently and so I arbitrarily decided that I would devote these two weeks to using the FMS to assess my rotator cuff.

The FMS is a battery of seven tests that asses quality of movement and a suite of correctives for different problems you can have.  I am working from the book "Movement" by Gray Cook and the excellent videos that they have posted on YouTube and their web site.

FMS Results

Deep Squat - 2 (I bumped the door frame several times but I got down)
Hurdle Step - 2A (Left leg turned in)
Inline lunge - 3 (nothing to see here)
Shoulder mobility - 1A (Very asymmetric I can practically bump fists with left hand low but I can barely get into position right hand low)
ASLR - 1 (At least it's symettric?)
TSPU - 3 (Naked Warrior training coming in handy here)
Rotary Stability - 2 (I don't even get how the three is possible but I've got a solid 2)

I suspected the shoulder mobility problem because I just hurt my rotator cuff, but the ASLR was a surprise.  I watched and read some more and narrowed in on the source of my two biggeset problems.

I will write next time about addressing my shoulder mobility - probably the biggest problem, and then my leg raise test.

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