Monday, February 25, 2013


I am back to work after a two week layoff from kettlebelling.

I was doing 'Perfecting the Press' plus 'Viking Warrior Conditioning' and, of course, had some form problems that I had dismissed as not really important.

In retrospect I'm just luck that I tweaked my rotator cuff instead of tearing the damn thing off.

I've reassessed my program and done two weeks of correctives.  My FMS score for shoulder mobility has gone from a 1A to a 2A.  I am still asymmetric, but I have much better mobility on my tight side than I did.  I will keep working on bring it up.

So I also realized during the layoff that I was being stupid about my programming trying to do way too much and getting way to 'out there' when I would probably be served by a basic, sane, sustainable program.

So today it is back to Enter the Kettlebell.

I am tweaking it (of course) but only to add a few goblet squats and loaded carries for patterning because I've been reading a lot of Dan John.  I will also be doing some thoracic mobility work for my shoulders and front splits work for hamstrings and hip flexors since those are both tight as well.

I am startnig this cycle of EtK with the 2 pood for five ladders of 3.  I am looking to get to 5x5 in the next eight weeks.  Wish me luck.

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