Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I am a desk jockey that has been looking for fitness for year.

Like all desk jockeys everywhere.

I tried bodybuilding and I tried powerlifting and I tried swimming and I tried rowing and I tried tai chi and I tried yoga and I tried...

Finally I decided to just stick to working out with kettlebells.  Not because I think kettlebells are the best program for everyone, but because I decided that I would get better results if I picked a program, any program, and stuck with it for a while instead of what I had been doing.

I had been finding a cool exercise, doing it for two months, and then being distracted by the next thing.

Also I found Fitocracy (@Theophanos) and got hooked into the kettlebell community there.

So far it has been six months that I have been doing kettlebells, chasing the goals of "Enter the Kettlebell".

My pledge to my wife was that I would stick with kettlebells at least through the end of 2014 (which would be 30 months of training the same thing) which would be, I joked, ten times as long as I ever stuck with one routine.

I am 20% there and I am feeling advanced enough that I have to write to process what is going on with me.  This blog is that process of analyzing my progress.

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